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$55 Includes tax & tip!

Standard Port Canaveral Tour Times:

9:00AM               11:00AM

1:00PM                 3:00PM

Take the Evening Tour  $65 includes tax & tip!

A guided Segway® tour makes for a fun event for families, couples, friends, business collegues, or individuals.  The pace is perfect with a few stops along the way to take in the scenery and enjoy your experience.  Take in the sights of historical Florida homes.  Catch the cruise ships amongst the bustling Port Canaveral area... perhaps even a US Navy Submarine.  Maybe find a Geocache® or two.    Maybe spot a few dolphins and sea turtles.  See the VAB or maybe even a rocket launch from across the lagoon. 

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(subject to availability)

**We require 24 hours advanced reservation.  We are**

**unable to accommodate same day reservations.**

We offer Canaveral evening tours!

Phone:  321-652-4169


Call us about getting a pedi-cab ride to and from your tour from terminal one, courtesy of Toto Pedi-Cab

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**Groups of 7 to 10 riders require a $20 surcharge per rider due**

**to the need to move machines between our two locations**

Please give us one week notice prior to booking.  Subject to availability.  10 riders max

** PORT**


$55 Includes tax & tip!

Standard Sanford Tour Times:

10:00AM            12:00PM


Evening Tour  TBA



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Port Canaveral

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Upgrade ($10) to include a pedicab ride to and from Port Canaveral Terminal 1

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