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What is a space shuttle test operations engineering professional to do when the Space Shuttle program ends?  Start a Segway® guided tour business!  In a nutshell, that's the course Jody Tobin, the founder of Space Coast Experience, LLC, took after the final test operations activity took place on the Space Shuttle Endeavor and the shuttle program was no more.  Jody soon discovered the untapped potential of offering this unique way of experiencing our area.

In a few years, he realized there was opportunity to provide the experience to a broader range of customers.  Space Coast Experience was ready to grow, but an investing partner was needed. Along came another 20+ year engineer from the defense/aerospace industory (Bill Losapio) and the pieces fell into place.

Leaving the steady 8 to 5 engineering realm to offer Segway® tours isn't the easiest transition to make, but our customers have proven how rewarding it is to offer the Space Coast Experience.

Our business is about bringing a unique recreational experience to locals and visitors alike.  Taking a guided tour seeing our beautiful surroundings perched upon a Segway® PT makes for a memorable and fun experience just a tad unlike any other.  We are working to expand our location offerings and services and are working hard to bring new and veteran riders to enjoy the Space Coast Experience!

From Shuttle to Segway®.